Spring Into Radiant Orchid – Pantone Color of the Year 2014

Spring Into Radiant Orchid
It seems like spring is here…FINALLY!

Time for some sunshine, clear skies and flowers. And speaking of flowers, Radiant Orchid is the Pantone color of the year. Yes, I know we are a few months into 2014 but with the loooooong, harsh winter, I just wasn’t feeling very radiant or into orchids either… But now that has changed!

To clarify what the “Color of the Year” actually means, here is the definition from the Pantone Color Institutes website:

PANTONE Color of the Year is a reflection of what people are looking for, what they feel they need that color can help to answer. Not necessarily the hot fashion color of the moment, but a color crossing all areas of design which is an expression of a mood, an attitude, on the part of the consumers.

Pantone Color Of The Year 2014

Soooo Radiant Orchid it is! And a beautiful color at that… Kinda of a cross between lavender and raspberry with a bit more intensity. But, is it too intense to wear daily? Not at Mommy Makeup it isn’t! Our Emma and Abigail Mommy’s Kisses Lipliner and Lipgloss in One and our Mineral Shimmer Powder in Pink-A-Boo all have the essence of Radiant Orchid without being overly intense. Think of them as the kinder and gentler part of the Radiant Orchid color spectrum. And with these kinder and gentler products there is no reason why your spring look should not be in full bloom ;-)

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I took my girls to see the Disney film, Frozen, on Dec. 31st. We all LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! We left the theatre singing, Frozen!“Let it Go, Let it Go…” as we skipped up the street.

And lately, here in New York City, we all have been feeling FROZEN! It has been COLD, COLD, COLD! I know it’s January and it’s winter but for a good three weeks the real feel temperatures have been in the minuses (meaning wind chill below zero)! THAT is cold and it’s been constant.

I no longer feel the silvery tones of the Winter White Look… I need something WARM! Maybe if I look warm on the outside I will feel a bit warmer in the inside? Not FROZEN?

And maybe that’s why each morning I have been reaching for my Mineral Shimmer Powder  ( in Peachy Keen)? It makes my eyes, cheeks and face GLOW… and the glow gives my face some warmth. And as I’m applying my makeup I keep hearing in my head,  ”Let it Go, Let it Go…” only I’m singing “Let it Glow, Let it Glow…” Hmmmmm, maybe the cold is getting to my brain?

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Now is the winter of our dryness

In Richard III, Shakespeare wrote, “Now is the winter of our discontent…” Well, I’m calling the winter of 2014, The “Winter of our dryness”! It has been soooooooooooo cold here in NYC and my poor hands and feet have been parched!

BabyAcquaphor_250x250My face is fine… As a teen I had oily skin so now as an adult my facial skin is “normal” (not dry or oily). But my hands and feet are dry, dry, dry! So dry that my skin used to crack! I say “used to” because I fond a great, inexpensive remedy. And it is kid (and mom) friendly too! YEAH! It’s Baby Aquaphor! I love to slather it on the heels of my feet and the tops of my hands. It feels sooooo good and it absorbs fairly quickly (especially on my feet). It is richer feeling than hand lotion and is not as greasy as petroleum jelly (aka Vaesline). And it is gentle and multi-purpose (it says so on the jar ;-) It is also great to put on your kids cheeks so their faces don’t get chapped while sledding or building a snowman. Sunscreen first then Baby Aquaphor on top.

My cuticles are dry all year long, but that is from my having to wash my hands and Purell them a gajillion times a day… And from them being in products. I combat my dry cuticles with Vaseline. Just a little bit spread on the outer part of my nails does the trick. Use a small amount and it will soak in quickly… Believe me, your manicurist will be grateful ;-)

Hope you are all warm and moisturized in your part of the country too!

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Shimmer and Sparkle Set

Shimmer & Sparkle SetIt happens all the time…  you buy a makeup set because you think it will look good on you and then there are one or two colors that are just not your cup of tea… Sigh!

This is why I am  sooooooooo excited to be able to introduce our brand new Shimmer and Sparkle Set!

For the first time ever, a specially priced set where YOU select your own colors! Our Shimmer and Sparkle Set includes five multi-tasking products you can wear together or separately to add shimmer and sparkle to your look!

Choose whatever combinations you like!

Select the following to create your very own customized set:

(1) Mineral Shimmer Powder - Use each stripe of Mineral Shimmer Powder individually as eyeshadow or blush or swirl all the stripes together for a glisten and glow on your face and body.

(2) Glitter It Pencil colors – Glitter It Pencils have a cream to powder finish and contain a hint of gleam and glitter. Add the subtle sparkle of these easy to use pencils to create a fun and festive look anytime!

Select 2 from:

  • Venus Sparkle – A light lilac with a hint of sheen and sparkle
  • Lunar Sparkle – A soft white with a hint of gleam and glitter
  • Cosmic Pink – A baby pink with a hint of sheen and sparkle
  • Solar Sparkle – A luminous gold a hint of gleam and glitter

(1) Mommy’s Kisses Lipliner and Lipgloss in One! - You can’t with Mommy’s Kisses because the lip liner “lives” in the handle of the lip gloss. Just pull apart the top section of the handle and there is your lip liner. The liner swivels up and down and is self-sharpening.Choose from 3 shades:

  • Emily – a sheer bronze
  • Madison – a warm, neutral berry
  • Samantha – a sheer muted peachy-coral

(1) Lush  Mascara in Lush Black  -

  • Lush Mascara conditions and nourishes your lashes with Vitamins A, E, and C
  • Lengthens and builds thickness
  • Protein-rich formula strengthens your lashes with nine botanical ingredients
  • Wears beautifully without smudging or flaking

I always say,”Makeup is like having accessories for your face!” And our Shimmer and Sparkle Set gives you plenty of ways to “accessorize”! With these 5 multi-tasking products there are endless possibilities to create hundreds of wonderful looks that you can wear anytime and any season… From Mommy Makeup The Best Beauty for Busy Women :-)



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Barely Blushing

Barely Blushing Lip & Cheek Tint

Barely Blushing Lip & Cheek Tint

Our Barely Blushing Lip & Cheek Tint had its own cult following… then the raw materials were no longer available and we were forced to phase out the product :-(

Barely Blushing Lip & Cheek Tint is a creamy gel that gives a sheer stain of color to the lips and cheeks… Easy to apply with your fingers  and very very long wearing (it does not kiss off the lips!)

Well now… For those of you Barely Blushing devotees we have some good news for you! We were able to obtain a limited supply of this cult favorite product in the shade Barely Buff (a neutral peachy pink shade).

Get it while you can and while supplies last!

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Mascara Makeover

Mascara Makeover

Mascara Makeover

Mascara Makeover

When it comes to taking care of our faces, most of us have good hygiene… We wash our faces morning and night, apply moisturizer, exfoliate etc. But facial hygiene also involves your makeup! Especially your mascara!

This has been said before but it is worth saying again… It is important to get a new mascara about every 3 months! Even if you think your mascara is still moist enough, or there is still plenty of product in the tube, at around the 3 month mark you should toss your mascara and buy a replacement. Here’s why…

One of the main reasons we all have eyelashes is to help protect our eyes from bacteria that exists in the air and environment. This bacteria can build up on the lashes. Then when applying mascara, the bacteria gets on the mascara comb and then that comb goes back into the mascara tube. After 3 months, enough bacteria can build up in the mascara tube that you may run the risk of getting an eye infection. And if you get an eye infection you will most likely have to replace ALL your eye makeup (shadows, liners, shadow base, mascara… ALL of it)!! Therefore, it is not only hygienic, it is also more cost effective to buy a fresh mascara about every 3 months.

Mascara Tips...

Mascara Tips…

More tips to avoid eye infection

  1. Never “pump” the mascara wand. It just pushes more air (and more bacteria) into the mascara tube.
  2. NEVER add water your mascara (or to any of your makeup containers for that matter). The water will alter the formulation and that may cause more bacteria to grow.
  3. Always be certain your mascara tube is closed tightly.
  4. Do not go to sleep with your eye makeup on.




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A Smooth Smooth Summer…

A Smooth Smooth Summer…

The Brazilian
Years ago, in what I sweetly refer to as BC (Before Children) I worked for a well known beauty brand at Bergdorf Goodman. Just down the street, on East 57th St, there was and still is J. Sisters,  known for being the pioneers of the Brazilian Bikini Waxing in the United States. And in those BC years, every 4-5 weeks I would schedule my appointment and 20-30 minutes later, after warm wax and fabric strip after strip, my bikini line was  completely bare and silky smooth (sorry if this is TMI ;-). Although I lived on the Upper West Side (UWS) I always booked my appointment an hour before I was to begin work so J. Sisters was geographically desirable. And in those days of Bergdorfs and Brazilians, I was  a makeup artist who was first engaged, and then a newlywed and then part of a young married couple… And a Brazilian at J. Sisters was about $40.

Bikini Wax Smooth Legs Fast forward, several years I am now still a makeup artist but now I am also  a wife, a mom of 2 incredible girls, and a business owner. I still live on the UWS  but I do not work anywhere near East 57th St, making J. Sisters a hassle and a half to get to. And today the same Brazilian waxing at J. Sisters runs $75. Yet I still longed for the bareness and smoothness of those BC days (without the commute and the expensive price tag) .

Sooooooooo, this summer I made it my mission to find a more convenient and less expensive substitute… And I believe I did!

My Quest
During my quest, I went through a slew of depilatories/hair removers and I chose this route for several reasons:

  1. It is practically pain free! As much as I love the results from waxing, the pulling and ripping of strip after strip was getting tired, painful and old for me.
  2. I can do this in the convenience of my own home, in my own bathroom.
  3. I can do this at any time of day (especially after 8:30PM when my girls are asleep).
  4. I do not have to wait for a full regrowth in order to achieve the super smooth results that I like.
  5. The whole process from start to finish takes about 10 minutes.


Below are the results from my “research” (Please keep in mind that this is my own personal experience and your own may differ slightly…) I am using a “Smoothness Factor” or SF rating of 1-5 with 5 being the best.

The “N’s and a V”… and by that I mean Nads, Nair, Neet and Veet. All were bought at my local drugstore and ranged in price from $6.99- $12.99. All of them did the job but I found that I needed to let the cream/lotion/stuff stay on my thighs a bit longer (5 minutes as opposed to 3 like the bottle/tube says) to really get ALL the hair off. All the “N’s and a V” worked on my bikini and “Brazilian” area too and did not sting that sensitive skin down there. And all the “N’s and a V” did not smell too bad either. I am giving all the products in this group a SF rating of 3 1/2.

Bikini Zone Creme Hair Remover, 4 Minute Formula – Basically a smaller tube (only 2 oz.) with a higher price tag and the same results as the “N’s and a V” group. Because of the higher price for less product, Bikini Zone gets a SF rating of 3.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Spary-On Shower-Off Hair Remover – I found this product to be messier than the regular lotions or cream hair removers. It dripped a lot and was difficult to apply in the back since the can did not spray when in an upside down position. I also had to spray the product into my hand and then apply on the bikini and Brazilian areas, making the process even more messy. Because of the messiness Sally Hansen Spray gets an SF rating of 2.

Avon SKIN SO SOFT Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Hair Removal Cream – I ordered this online at Avon.com and it arrived within 3 days time. The tube is 4.2 oz. and I purchased it ON SALE for $3.99 (usual price $8.00). Out of all the depilatories I tried this is by far the BEST and is now my go to hair remover from now on! The directions say to leave on for 2 1/2 minutes and then test to see if the hair removes easily… And much to my surprise after only 2 1/2 minutes it did! The hair wiped right off ! This product has a very pleasant smell and removed all the hair where I wanted it to and left my skin super bare and smooth! Hands down this product gets an SF rating of 5!!

Avon also makes SKIN SO SOFT Fresh & Smooth Sensitive Skin Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream which is a 2.5 oz. tube for $6.00. I found no difference between this product and the Avon SKIN SO SOFT Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Hair Removal Cream so I am sticking with this one.

Although it is after Labor Day and summer has “officially” ended, I will be using Avon SKIN SO SOFT Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Hair Removal Cream religiously through the fall… Now I have no excuse not to wear a shorter skirt and boots this season! And even though I have moved on from those days of J.Sisters, Bergdorfs and Brazilians, I can STILL be super smooth (maybe even smoother) than I was in those BC days ;-)

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Rockin’ It This Halloween

Mom is a “ROCK STAR” because I FACE PAINT
It is only natural for us parents to want our kids to think we are COOL, to be their “ROCK STAR”. And at Halloween time many parents think by loading up their kids bags with candy they will become that “ROCK STAR” (and maybe they will) BUT I am here to tell you that it is not candy that rocks my girls’ world… They think mom is a “ROCK STAR” because I FACE PAINT. And at Halloween time THIS is THHHHHEEEE “ROCK STAR” skill to have.

So if you want to be the coolest parent on the planet this Halloween, keep reading! I will now divulge my Face Painting tips and secrets!!

Being that I am a makeup artist, I am always approached by my kids school communities to do face painting this time of year for Fall Fest, School Carnival, Book Fair etc.

Making Face Painting FUN and EASY
And just like with makeup, the right product is KEY to making Face Painting FUN and EASY!

The first time I was asked to do Face Painting was about 5 years ago. At the time, my older daughter, Daisy, was in Kindergarten. Word got out at school that there was a new K parent who was a makeup artist and I recruited to do face painting at the school’s Fall Fest. I did not organize the face painting, I just showed up and went to work. The “face painting” product supplied was a heavy, greasy, very pigmented colored makeup that they sell in the drugstore for Halloween. It smeared and smudged easily. I was able to work with it but I saw many parent volunteers become frustrated with it.

The following year for Fall Fest I spearheaded Face Painting (big surprise, right?). I did some research on products because I did not want volunteers to feel frustrated and intimidated the way they had the year prior. Rather than going with a Halloween makeup type product, I discover actual PAINT for the face. It’s called Snazaroo Face Paint and it is FANTASTIC! It is allergy tested, washable paint for the face that dries in 5 seconds! Since it dries quickly, you can paint color over color with out smudges and smears. There are different palettes and each contains a booklet with simple step by step instructions (just like Mommy Makeup’s Pretty-N-Polished Kit and Out-The-Door Collection‘s do ;-) )

I always say regarding Mommy Makeup, “It’s so easy, if you can read you can do your makeup and get professional results!” Well I will say the same about Snazaroo Face Paint, ” If you can read, you can face paint and get professional results”!

This year, my younger daughter, Riley, started Kindergarten at a different school than Daisy (this is VERY common in NYC). Riley’s school just had their Fall Book-a-palooza this past weekend and, of course, I spearheaded the Face Painting for it too. And Snazaroo Face paint was my go to product for it. Here is a picture of Daisy, who I painted up to be a gorgeous Lioness… Daisy’s incredible mane of hair helps too ;-)


Now here is the BEST, BEST part of all!! Daisy now a “big kid’ in 5th grade, wanted to try her hand at Face Painting too! So here is my beautiful Lioness (age 9) face painting to her heart’s desire!!

And I must say that Daisy did an AMAZING job!!

Daisy’s school Fall Fest is this coming weekend and all she wants to do now is Face Paint all day!!

So if you want your kids to think you are the COOLEST parent and ROCK their world this Halloween, get yourself a Snazaroo Face Painting Palettes and go to town! If my 9 year old can do it, so can you!! Happy Painting and Happy Halloween!!

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Beauty Analogous

When working with my clients I always find myself making what I call Beauty Analogies… Which is when I compare a makeup tip or beauty product to something that has nothing to do with the face or beauty at all.

I wondered, “Why do I do this so often? Why do I constantly compare applying makeup to something else?”

It’s because I realized that when it comes to our faces, women often get verklempt, discombobulated, and confused. Here is a perfect example… My mother (may she rest in peace) was an interior designer and a successful one at that. She was a bright and beautiful college educated woman. As part of her being, as well as her job, she had an impeccable sense of style, color and design. She would design floor plans, coordinate fabrics with pillows, tablecloths with wallpaper, you name it she could make any home look stellar! Yet when it came to her face she was (and I say this lovingly) A MESS! Oh she put on her makeup everyday… and it was not about her application but rather what she chose to wear with what. I will never forget her coming to meet me at work one day perfectly dress in a navy suit with accents of sage and navy in her scarf. Her jewelry was exquisite and tasteful. But on her face wearing fuchsia blush and brown lipstick. I said to her, “Ma, would you ever put a fuchsia pillow on a brown sofa?” “Well, it’s not likely”, she replied. “Then WHY are you wearing fuchsia blush with brown lipstick?” I asked. “Oh”, my mom replied. See what I mean…

So I use these Beauty Analogies to help women understand that your face is NOT some foreign territory they need to conquer or be intimidated by, but rather something to embrace, enjoy and have fun with!

Without further ado here are my top 8 Beauty Analogies (in no particular order)

  1. “Your lip line is like your panty line… No one should see your panty line and no one should see your lip line. Blend your lip liner into your lip color“.
  2. Too much blush does not look like you spent 3 weeks in Aruba, it just looks like too much blush! Blush should look like you just became embarrassed… that’s why it’s called “blush”.
  3. “Makeup is your friend… If you are having a bad hair day, you can wear a hat on your head. If you are having a bad hand day, you can put on a pair of gloves. But you cannot wear a bag over your face if you are having a bad face day (and we all have them at some time or another) and on those days this is why makeup is your friend ;-)”
  4. Your eyebrows are important! They frame and compliment your eyes! Just like the right picture frame compliments a great work of art!”
  5. Too much bronzer can sometimes look like you dipped your face in dirt! Bronzer should give a sunkissed look to the face. Apply bronzer wear the sun mostly hits your face… your t-zone area and the center of your face just next to your nose.
  6. Just because it is called eyeliner doesn’t mean you should draw a line. Dash your eyeliner on and connect the dashes to form a line.
  7. Wearing too light a concealer is like wearing a black bra under a white blouse… the black bra will always “bleed” through. Therefore use a concealer that is with in your own depth of skin tone.
  8. “Makeup is the accessory of the face.” Just like jewelry, shoes and handbags. Most women coordinate their accessories… They wear a gold necklace and gold earrings, black shoes and a black handbag. Coordinate your makeup too! Example – Try to avoid wearing purple eyeliner, orange blush and pink lipstick. Instead try plum eyeliner with a rose blush and a pinkish lipstick. The shades do not have to match exactly, just coordinate, like your shoes and handbag do ;-)

Most importantly, when you look in the mirror you have to feel good about what you see. Your reflection is the world’s perception.

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The Forgotten Feature

As busy women we tend to forget about ourselves. The kids, work, the cat, your man, the house all come first. And then when you FINALLY get around to taking care of yourself, you tend to forget about one very important thing…


That’s right, you heard me correctly, your EYEBROWS.

I call the eyebrows the “Forgotten Feature” because many women may shape their brows but do nothing about the color. Your brows are an important feature. Brows frame your eyes, making the eye appear larger. Eyebrows also balance your face when you are wearing lip color… If you wear lip color and no color in your brows your face looks, what I call, “bottom heavy”, meaning when someone looks at you their attention goes to your mouth and not your eyes or overall face. Applying Mommy Makeup’s Brow Tint through your brows makes your eyes appear bigger and your face appear balanced.”

For more application tips and techniques please watch our Shape your Eyebrows with Brow Tint video.

Mommy Makeup Brow Tint

Shape your eyebrows with Mommy Makeup Brow Tint

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