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Mommy Makeup Reviews

Mommy Makeup Reviews

You Like Us, You Really Like Us!


Love the mascara!
    "It does what it says. Creates lift and volume. Does not clump. Removes easily. "
    Nadine N.
      "Love the lipstick and cream blush. Would recommend this product. "
      GLENDA P.
      Gel Eye-Liner is Great!
        "This is my second color, these are really nice. Long-wearing and smudge-proof - adds a little color and shine! "
        Helen K.
        Conceal my face
          "I like it very much! I don’t put it on as heavy as you show it on the video. Up close and personal wouldn’t look so good that heavy. The brow brush works great and stays on!"
          Anna M.
          Love, love, love!
            "Quick delivery. Simple packaging. Easy to use products that LAST. I put makeup on at 5 AM and it's still on at 10 PM when I take it off. Love the colors, especially the black orchid liner. The brushes are very good quality as well. Will definately buy again!"
            Paula G.
            Awesome Concealer!
              "I love this concealer! It actually does what it is supposed to and looks natural. Thank you so much for creating this!"
              Amy B.
              Best Ever Mascara
                "This mascara is the best! I have bought dozens that claim “no clumping” but for some reason, they still clump on my lashes - especially if I want to build them up with more than one coat. This mascara goes on great! Makes my lashes so full and natural looking. Doesn’t irritate my eyes and washes off easily. Better than more expensive brands. This is my second purchase- don’t want to be without. Love it! "
                Elizabeth S.
                One of the best concealers' I've ever used.
                  "This concealer is very easy to use, Blends well and covers in seconds. I definitely recommend it for it's simplicity and multiple purpose of use."
                  Kimberly W.
                  I love Mommy Makeup!
                    "I highly recommend this item. The eye cream is phenomenal. I add a bit of powder on top and at the end of the work day, it's all still in place as perfectly as when I applied it at the crack of dawn! The brushes are all high-quality and my longtime favorite, the eyeliner brush is money!! I get a perfect line with the long lasting eyeliner on my waterline. And I'm a stickler for a thin precise line so it doesn't look too overdone. The fawn eyebrow tint is a perfect match for me and looks so natural. And don't even get me started on the fantastic customer service. I have a ridiculously high bar for quality and customer service and Mommy Makeup delivers on both fronts. I swear by this company and their products. "
                    Lyndi C.
                    Brows Again
                      "Love it, ordered this several times! Great Product!!"
                      Janene G.
                      Mommy's Little Helper...the best concealer!
                        "I love Mommy's Little Helper concealer, it covers as it melts right into my skin. Its so natural and refreshing to be in a hurry and just swipe this on and go. Its the best concealer I have used and will be ordering more today."
                        Outstanding Lip Color
                          "My lips belong to a Grandmother of 62, and this is the best Matte Cream I have ever put on my lips! Believe me, being a Beauty Box junkie, I have become an expert on all day staying power promises. The color is true to examples, arrives quickly through mail along with a confirmation email, and does not dry your lips!! Mommy Make-up has outstanding Customer Service and a product that does what is promised."
                          Alyce D.
                          Black Eyeliner
                            "My second order. Love this liner, it is the only one that doesn’t smear into the creases of my lid. I also like the fact that products are made in the US, no harmful ingredients used and are cruelty free (very important to me). And, let’s not forget free shipping! "
                            Sherry A.
                            Love this concealer
                              "I have tried countless concealers and nothing has helped hide my dark circles under my eyes better than this one."
                              Rebekah H.
                              I LOVE this lipstick/blush
                                "Seriously! I have bought multiples of the same colors just so I NEVER run out! Great product."
                                Lola S.
                                Stay Put Waterproof Eyeliner...and how!
                                Finishes your face beautifully!
                                  "I admit that I was a bit skeptical about this product - I am a Nordic blonde and no matter what brow products I have used (pencil, powder, wax, mousse), nothing has worked. My brows either looked weirdly artificial, or just the same invisible blonde. I probably would not have purchased this product but it was free with purchase (thanks guys!). I have been watching all of Debra’s videos, and heard her when she talked about needing to balance the bottom/top of your I was eager to give it a try. Yesterday, after applying all of my other mommy makeup (primer, mommy’s little helper, eye shadow cream, liner, mascara), I pulled out the brow gel...but first I took a selfie of myself WITHOUT the brow gel. It looked dark when I pulled out the wand, but forged ahead. It was incredibly easy to apply and stayed in my brows, not in my skin. It looked pretty good ...but I took another selfie to compare. WOW! It balanced out my face so nicely! And also framed my eyes beautifully. It made me look polished. I was really impressed! And it totally stayed put...did not flake or smear. Dried quickly. Did not need tidying up. Looked natural. Love it! Since it was my first time applying, it took about a minute. I think future applications will take 30-40 seconds. We’ve all got time for that! Oh-one did not make my brows feel overly stiff...nice bonus. Treating myself to a brow wax today so I can showcase this newfound feature!"
                                    "I ordered this product in due date, along with the kabuki brush. My skin is a hot mess (discoloration, redness, broken capillaries), so I usually wear a full coverage foundation (liquid). But it feels so heavy on my face and in Houston humidity, does not last like I would like. After watching Debra’s helpful videos, I decided to give it a try... WOW! What a great product!! I applied it over mommy’s little helper using the “buffing technique” and was super impressed! My skin looked even and natural. The product did NOT settle into my pores and it did not look at all caked. I brought it with me in my purse, thinking I would have to touch up, but it stayed put all day. I’m going to buy a second mineral powder and brush to keep in my desk (I’m a teacher) because it gets very humid in Houston - especially in the spring/summer! I especially like that this product has SPF 15 in less step to hassle with. I will say that “some” of my facial redness showed through - but far less than with my other makeup. That’s not the fault of the powder; it’s just that I have so so much redness. I’d also like to add that I have super reactive/sensitive skin and my skin did NOT react to the powder at all. Beauty is a funny thing. We all want to look our best, and for the past 5 years, I have spent 45 minutes every day trying to conceal my imperfections and feeling really embarrassed about the state of my skin. It has impacted my self esteem majorly. In 6 minutes (!!!!), I was able to easily apply mommy makeup and have my skin look better than it has in years. When I looked at my completed face, I saw the “old me” and it brought tears of happiness to my eyes!! I went through my day confidently, not ashamed of my face...I was on top of the world!! My sweet boyfriend thinks i’m Pretty anyway (bless him!) but yesterday he gave me heaps of compliments...told me I looked like a model, that I was a superstar and that I had the “no makeup makeup look”. He said I was glowing. This product is a game-changer!! Be sure to watch Debra’s videos for tips and tricks!"
                                      "I tried mommy’s little helper for the first time yesterday. Let me start by saying that I have moderate rosacea and combination-oily skin. I have a lot to conceal and have tried nearly every concealer on the market, with poor results. Mommy’s little helper is the BEST product I have ever used!!! It goes on smoothly (not too creamy, not too dry), blends super easily and just melts into your skin. It doesn’t feel or look just makes you look like you have nice skin. I was amazed how it concealed the broken capillaries on my cheeks. I expected to need to reapply it mid-way through my day. Wrong!! It totally stayed put. The bonus was how rested it made my under eye area look. I have sensitive eyes and it did not irritate my eyes at all. Total win!! I have a dermatologist appointment later this week and i’m Bringing mommy’s little helper with me...I think she will be really impressed with the ingredients and STELLAR coverage this product offers!! So easy to use, too!! Ordering a second to keep on hand. One thing to remember: a little goes a long way!!! Thank you, Debra for making me feel pretty again!"
                                      My favorite eyeshadow
                                        "I love the shade NUDETRALITY. It is perfect for my skin tone. I love the texture of the product because it's like whipped mousse. It glides on smoothly on my skin. It's perfect for everyday wear, and it can also be used as a makeup base. It just stays on the whole day. "
                                        Carmela G.
                                        Excellent Concealer
                                          "My overall experience was very good. This concealer is the best I think I have ever used!"
                                          Eileen C.
                                          Love this stuff!!
                                            "I love this stuff! It’s translucent yet definitely provides coverage! It provides a very natural looking finish. I do find the top to harden after a few uses but I just gently scrape over the top to loosen it up a bit and I’m back on my way to great finish!"
                                            Julie A.
                                            Best concealer!
                                              "Love it. Great product."
                                              Lola S.
                                              Best eyeliner I’ve ever found!
                                                "Easy to apply, no product clumping on the brush, smooth application, long lasting after applied, great colors!! Each container lasts a long time. "
                                                Nancy Q.
                                                  "I’ve been searching for eyeshadow and eye liner that is cream based but doesn’t fade and crease. Is a little shimmer without making my older eyelids look more crinkly too much to ask for? Enter Mommy Makeup! Ticks all the boxes and is cruelty free! Throwing out ALL my other makeup. Viva la Mommy Makeup!"
                                                  Paula G.
                                                  Loving My Brush
                                                    "This product arrived quickly. It is soft and holds product well. It washes well and does not shed. I LOVE that it is made in the USA! Price is great! I would truly recommend."
                                                    Diane J.
                                                    I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!
                                                      "The gel liner has fabulous color and really stays on for a long time. I cannot live without it."
                                                      It works
                                                        "I use it to cover underage circles and it lasts all day long. Yea."
                                                        elizabeth h.
                                                        Must Have Lipstick!
                                                          "Triple sticks is one of those lipsticks that will make you WANT to use it. It goes on easily, is super moisturizing, and lasts! No liner is needed, and it does double duty as a creamy blush. IMHO, another huge plus is that the cap stays on well. Toss it in your purse or pocket and don’t worry about a mess! "
                                                          Carla J.
                                                          Grandma Makeup too!
                                                            "As a new, doting Nana, I need a quick and easy way to look like the grandma that everybody says “You look way too young to have a grandchild” to. Fortunately, i have found it! I am very happy with the quality and simplicity. Let’s face it- I’m too old and wise to deal with inferior products. This is the real deal."
                                                            Darlene R.