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Mascara Makeover

Mascara Makeover

When it comes to taking care of our faces, most of us have good hygiene... We wash our faces morning and night, apply moisturizer, exfoliate etc. But facial hygiene also involves your makeup! Especially your mascara!

This has been said before but it is worth saying again...

It is important to get a new mascara about every 3 months!

Even if you think your mascara is still moist enough, or there is still plenty of product in the tube, at around the 3 month mark you should toss your mascara and buy a replacement. Here's why...

One of the main reasons we all have eyelashes is to help protect our eyes from bacteria that exists in the air and environment. This bacteria can build up on the lashes. Then when applying mascara, the bacteria gets on the mascara comb and then that comb goes back into the mascara tube. After 3 months, enough bacteria can build up in the mascara tube that you may run the risk of getting an eye infection. And if you get an eye infection you will most likely have to replace ALL your eye makeup (shadows, liners, shadow base, mascara... ALL of it)!!

Therefore, it is not only hygienic, it is also more cost effective to buy a fresh mascara about every 3 months.

More tips to avoid eye infection

  1. Never "pump" the mascara wand. It just pushes more air (and more bacteria) into the mascara tube.
  2. NEVER add water your mascara (or to any of your makeup containers for that matter). The water will alter the formulation and that may cause more bacteria to grow.
  3. Always be certain your mascara tube is closed tightly.
  4. Do not go to sleep with your eye makeup on.

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