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Beauty Analogous

When working with my clients I always find myself making what I call Beauty Analogies... Which is when I compare a makeup tip or beauty product to something that has nothing to do with the face or beauty at all.

I wondered, "Why do I do this so often? Why do I constantly compare applying makeup to something else?"

It's because I realized that when it comes to our faces, women often get verklempt, discombobulated, and confused. Here is a perfect example... My mother (may she rest in peace) was an interior designer and a successful one at that. She was a bright and beautiful college educated woman. As part of her being, as well as her job, she had an impeccable sense of style, color and design. She would design floor plans, coordinate fabrics with pillows, tablecloths with wallpaper, you name it she could make any home look stellar! Yet when it came to her face she was (and I say this lovingly) A MESS! Oh she put on her makeup everyday... and it was not about her application but rather what she chose to wear with what. I will never forget her coming to meet me at work one day perfectly dress in a navy suit with accents of sage and navy in her scarf. Her jewelry was exquisite and tasteful. But on her face wearing fuchsia blush and brown lipstick. I said to her, "Ma, would you ever put a fuchsia pillow on a brown sofa?" "Well, it's not likely", she replied. "Then WHY are you wearing fuchsia blush with brown lipstick?" I asked. "Oh", my mom replied. See what I mean...

So I use these Beauty Analogies to help women understand that your face is NOT some foreign territory they need to conquer or be intimidated by, but rather something to embrace, enjoy and have fun with!

Without further ado here are my top 8 Beauty Analogies (in no particular order)

  1. "Your lip line is like your panty line... No one should see your panty line and no one should see your lip line. Blend your lip liner into your lip color".
  2. Too much blush does not look like you spent 3 weeks in Aruba, it just looks like too much blush! Blush should look like you just became embarrassed... that's why it's called "blush".
  3. "Makeup is your friend... If you are having a bad hair day, you can wear a hat on your head. If you are having a bad hand day, you can put on a pair of gloves. But you cannot wear a bag over your face if you are having a bad face day (and we all have them at some time or another) and on those days this is why makeup is your friend ;-)"
  4. Your eyebrows are important! They frame and compliment your eyes! Just like the right picture frame compliments a great work of art!"
  5. Too much bronzer can sometimes look like you dipped your face in dirt! Bronzer should give a sunkissed look to the face. Apply bronzer wear the sun mostly hits your face... your t-zone area and the center of your face just next to your nose.
  6. Just because it is called eyeliner doesn't mean you should draw a line. Dash your eyeliner on and connect the dashes to form a line.
  7. Wearing too light a concealer is like wearing a black bra under a white blouse... the black bra will always "bleed" through. Therefore use a concealer that is with in your own depth of skin tone.
  8. "Makeup is the accessory of the face." Just like jewelry, shoes and handbags. Most women coordinate their accessories... They wear a gold necklace and gold earrings, black shoes and a black handbag. Coordinate your makeup too! Example - Try to avoid wearing purple eyeliner, orange blush and pink lipstick. Instead try plum eyeliner with a rose blush and a pinkish lipstick. The shades do not have to match exactly, just coordinate, like your shoes and handbag do ;-)

Most importantly, when you look in the mirror you have to feel good about what you see. Your reflection is the world's perception.

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