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Bye Bye Winter Blahs, Hello Glow!

I LOVE NYC. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. But I must admit, it has been one long, hard winter here in the Big Apple and it doesn’t appear to be ending very soon.

Usually, so long as I exfoliate and moisturize my face plenty, my skin can overcome the winter blaaaaaahs… But I have not been so lucky this winter :-( It seemed no matter what I did I was still having that pale, dull appearance on my face. Double :-( 

So rather than just relying on my usually arsenal, I had to start thinking how I can achieve that healthy glow with my makeup.

We shot the videos for our new Mineral Shimmer Powder in Angel Glow and EUREKA! I was able to say bye, bye to my winter skin blaaaaahs… Our Mineral Shimmer Powder in Angel Glow has become my savior! It is truly, right now, my go to product every day! My skin no longer looks drab and dull. It looks lit from within.

Watch the Angel Glow videos and learn how to create a warm, glowy look and say, "Bye Bye Winter Blahs, Hello Glow!”

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