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How to Avoid a Meltdown


During the summer months, most of us wear less makeup. BUT we want the makeup we DO wear to last and not melt away at the first sign of a hot, sunny day... So, here are some easy, breezy step-by-step tips to avoid a summer makeup meltdown.

  1. Apply a lightweight moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher on your face and a good eye cream under your eyes. Do not apply eye cream on your lids.
  2. Using a synthetic concealer brush, apply a long-wearing concealer under eyes and on face where needed. Do not apply on eyelids.
  3. Dust or buff the appropriate shade of Mineral Dual Powder (MDP) all over your face and under eyes (MDP helps set concealer under eyes... a great way to avoid a concealer meltdown).
  4. Select your favorite shade of Any Wear Creme and Stay Put Gel Eyeliner from the Everlasting Eye Set and gently glide Any Wear Creme across your eyelid (using a Creme Definer Brush) and then make little dashes to apply Stay Put Gel Eyeliner along your lash line (Using a Pointed Eyeliner Brush). The water-proof, smudge-proof finish of these products really hold up in hot summer weather.
  5. Apply a water-proof mascara on your top lashes
  6. Dash and then blend out your favorite color of Sheer Sticks Lip Stain & Cheek Tint on your cheeks 
  7. Apply the same Sheer Sticks Lip Stain & Cheek Tint that you used on your cheeks to your lips. Since it is a sheer STAIN, Sheer Sticks Lip Stain & Cheek Tint is long-wearing on the lips and cheeks and the summer heat.

Stay cool, have fun in the sun and don't meltdown this season :-)

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