Holiday Glow That Shimmers Like Snow

The twinkle of starlight, the sun glistening on snow, the sparkle of champagne in a crystal glass… Now you can have these beautiful glowing effects on your eyes, cheeks and lips too with our new Holiday Shimmer Any Wear Cremes.
  • Starlight - A pale beige w/ icy shimmer 
  • Prosecco- A pale shimmery white gold
  • Champagne on Ice - A shimmmering champagne
All 3 shades add a soft shimmer to your face. All 3 shades wear beautifully as eyeshadow, as face highlighter, or wear over a deeper lip color for a softening effect. And like all our otherAny Wear Cremes, all 3 shades go on creamy and dry to a waterproof, budge-proof finish.

And if you like a matte, barely there look, introducing Brighten Up!
  • Brighten Up - A warm matte cream
Brighten up does just that! It brightens your eyes, cheeks and lips and provides a great natural look.

These 4 new Any Wear Creme shades are so pretty and versatile it’s hard to choose just one!