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5 Time Saving Makeup Tips for Busy Women

5 Time Saving Makeup Tips for Busy Women from Award-winning Makeup Artist and Mom, Debra Rubin-Roberts!

Makeup Tip #1: Coverage, Balance and Color

Your face should have what I call the CBC's, which stands for Coverage, Balance and Color. Use concealer for coverage, use brow tint for balance and color on the lips and cheeks.

Makeup Tip #2 Keep it simple

Use as many multi-purpose products as possible. You will be amazed how much time you can save by not having to screw and unscrew caps of individual items. Some of my favorites are lip and cheek stains and powder foundations.

Makeup Tip #3 Find a good cream concealer (but not too, too creamy) that does not crease.

It can usually double as a shadow base. And on the days you don't wear eyeshadow, wear it on your lids anyway. It will help you look more awake and bright eyed.

Makeup Tip #4 Bronzers are great for giving the face a hint of color and warmth.

But too much bronzer can look like you dipped your face in dirt. It’s best to apply them to the T-zone and just next to the nose since this is where the sun mainly hits your face. After that, dust your bronzer brush on your eyelids… The remnants of bronzer in the brush has now become eyeshadow too!

Makeup Tip #5 If you are going to wear lip color, then fill your brows in too.

When you wear lip color only, your face will appear "bottom heavy". The brows balance out the mouth. Color in the brows also makes the eye appear brighter and more open.

Beauty Makeup artist and mom, Debra Rubin-Roberts, says
"These tips have helped me do my makeup even in a taxi cab and I hope they help you spend less time in front of the mirror and more time enjoying life!”

Her new makeup line consist of time saving, multi-functioning, easy to use products that give professional results.

"After having my first daughter, I found that I barely had time to brush my teeth let alone put I my makeup! I no longer had time to apply 15 individual items, each with it’s own brush, just to achieve a basic, polished look. But I still wanted to feel and look my best!”, said Debra Rubin-Roberts, a makeup artist and mom. She whittled down her own cosmetics kit to just a few items. Now, with the product from her new multi-tasking makeup line, Mommy Makeup, Debra says, “I can now do my entire face with only 7 products in 6 minutes. Necessity is the mother of invention. Well... it is also the mother of Mommy Makeup and I figured if I needed this, other women did too”.

The line is not just for moms like Rubin-Roberts. "Mommy Makeup is for busy women everywhere!, she says. “ Most makeup brands are telling women they need to keep adding more products to their beauty routine, but everything we do at Mommy Makeup, we believe, will save you time and money yet still make you feel and look your best!”

Tina Fey, likes Mommy Makeup’s Mommy Little Helper Concealer, and Denise Richards is a Mommy Makeup fan too.

The products do double and triple duty. Mineral Dual Powder is a mineral based 4-in-1 product that is your PRESSED Powder, Foundation, SPF 15 and Soft Focus Finish All in One ($36)! Any Wear Creme is a waterproof and multi-tasking creme-to-powder product that can be worn on the eyes, cheeks and lips ($22). And Triple Stick Lipstick, Cream Blush & Treatment in One is a lip liner, lipstick and cream blush in a self sharpening pencil ($17.50). These and many other time saving, multi-tasking products can be purchased on her website.

Debra says, “ Most women don’t want to look like they just walked off the runway. They want to look pretty and polished and they want the application to be quick and easy”.

“There are 2 makeup faux pas I constantly see women do… The first, is they wear too much liner and mascara on their bottom lash line. This just drags the eye down and makes the under eye area, that you just covered with concealer, more noticeable. The second is their eyebrows! Eyebrows, are what I call the forgotten feature. Most women will shape their brows but do nothing when it comes to the color. A light brow tint through the eyebrows will balance your face.

Debra is a native New Yorker and thrives in the fast paced city where everyone is in a hurry and time is of the essence. “ After being professional makeup artist for over 15 + years, I had the privilege to work for and with some of the best brands and talent in the beauty industry... I LOVED discovering new products and figuring out creative, modern, and pretty looks! THEN I gave birth to my first daughter… And between feedings, and pumpings and diaper changes and doctor appointments and so on, I found that I barely had time to brush my teeth let alone put I my makeup!

About 2 weeks after her birth, my little love ended up taking an extra long afternoon nap. I finally had a few moments to put some makeup on. I lined up all the makeup that I usually wore daily and after I did there were 15 products in front of me - each with its own brush!! O.M.G! I knew right then and there that I was not going to be able to put all this on ever again. I like how it all looked but I knew I no longer had the time. BUT I wanted to LOOK like I did. So... I figured if I needed something fast and easy that gave professional results, surely other women did too! And THIS is what inspired me to create Mommy Makeup.”

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