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Green is the New Black!

Green is the new Black! HUNTER is a gorgeous rich hunter/forest green and it looks spectacular on any and every eye color! It REALLY does! It intensifies green eyes, brings out the gold and amber tones of brown and hazel eyes, and highlights blue eyes (SERIOUSLY!) How does it do this? Because Hunter is deep in color, it does all this with out over powering your natural eye color… In fact it actually enhances your natural eye color!

How Can Mineral Makeup Contain Talc?
How can mineral makeup contain talc? I did not think this was possible? Talc can be drying to the skin. Sensitive skins can (and usually do) have adverse reactions to talc. But apparently the folks at bareminerals feel differently!
Is there Teflon® in my makeup?
Is there Teflon® in my makeup? When folks think of Teflon®, they think of nonstick cookware… But not cosmetics! PTFE is trademarked as Teflon®, and although it was originally developed for cookware, it has been found in some anti-aging products and cosmetics. Mommy Makeup products do not contain any PTFE.
Beware! What is in YOUR Makeup?

There’s a saying... "People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing".

Think about it... More than anything else, this saying should apply to your beauty products!

When I shop online it frustrates me when a website or brand does not share the product’s ingredient listing! I find this A LOT with the big beauty brands and all I can think is "What are you hiding?

To Bronze or Not to Bronze?
"Why do I need to wear blush in the summer with a tan?" As much as we may enjoy a tan look, tanning really is not good for your skin. We all know about the sun’s damaging rays and skin cancer warnings. Bronzer gives you a tan look without the sun damage.
How to Avoid a Meltdown

During the summer months, most of us wear less makeup. BUT we want the makeup we DO wear to last and not melt away at the first sign of a hot, sunny day...

So, here are some easy, breezy step-by-step tips to avoid a summer makeup meltdown.

6 Skincare Standards To Live By
The change of season often effects our skin. But no matter what the season is, here are 6 skincare standards to live by.Being a makeup artist and having worked in the cosmetic industry for 20+ years; I am constantly given skincare samples by brands...
The Tissue Trick!

Everyone loves a great looking lip color! The issue that most busy women have is getting your favorite lip color to last longer! 

Here is an old stage makeup trick that will make your most favorite lip shades last longer.

I call this The Tissue Trick!

Talc is a 4 letter word!

TALC. It is a four letter word. And talc is an ingredient that you should avoid. Here’s why:

  • Talc can be drying to the skin.
  • Sensitive skins can (and usually do) have adverse reactions to talc.
  • Talc can "scratch" the skin.
  • And If talc is not processed properly, it may even contain some asbestos in it! 
Cruelty-free... Some brands just don’t "hop to it".

Wikipedia states"In the animal rights movement, cruelty-free is a label for products or activities that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world."

And so you would think that in this day and age that most cosmetic brands are cruelty-free… Well, think again... Many brands are cruelty-free in the USA but not around the world!! 

Top 8 Beauty Analogies for Busy Women

When working with my clients I always find myself making what I call Beauty Analogies... Which is when I compare a makeup tip or beauty product to something that has nothing to do with the face or beauty at all.

Here are my top 8 Beauty Analogies for Busy Women

Mascara Makeover

When it comes to taking care of our faces, most of us have good hygiene... We wash our faces morning and night, apply moisturizer, exfoliate etc. But facial hygiene also involves your makeup! Especially your mascara!

This has been said before but it is worth saying again... It is important to get a new mascara about every 3 months! Even if you think your mascara is still moist enough, or there is still plenty of product in the tube, at around the 3 month mark you should toss your mascara and buy a replacement. Here's why...

To BB or not to BB

BB creams (and CC creams for that matter) have been all the rage for a while now.

And being that Mommy Makeup is the Best Beauty for Busy Women we have received several inquiries asking why we do not have our own BB cream.

The answer is quite simple... "I'm just not that into you".

Lipcolor, Pantyhose & Tights. Oh my!

Which lip product should you choose?

When it come to the phrase, "Coverage", I want you to think of pantyhose and tights 😄

Here is our guide to selecting your best lip color!

Fabulous Frugal Facial for Busy Women
Here is a truly FABULOUS frugal facial that you can do at home! All you need is a bowl, some water and some baking soda...YES baking soda!
Where It's Made, Matters
At Mommy Makeup we are proud to say that all our cosmetics are Made in USA. Not all brands can say that... So, I wanted to take this opportunity to decipher what it means when I say, WHERE your cosmetics are made matters.
A Smooth Smooth Summer...

Years ago, in what I sweetly refer to as BC (Before Children) I worked for a well known beauty brand at Bergdorf Goodman. Just down the street, on East 57th St, there was and still is J. Sisters, known for being the pioneers of the Brazilian Bikini Waxing in the United States.

And in those BC years, every 4-5 weeks I would schedule my appointment and 20-30 minutes later, after warm wax and fabric strip after strip, my bikini line was completely bare and silky smooth (sorry if this is TMI ;-).

This summer I made it my mission to find a more convenient and less expensive substitute... And I believe I did!

The Secret to Gorgeous Nails in Less Than 10 Minutes
You would think since I work in the beauty industry, that I would have nice fingernails… But sadly, I do not.  I never have. I get manicures at the nail salon and to no avail, my nails break. Sigh…
Girl Power ?
It is hard to believe that I am the mother of teenagers! I attended a PTA meeting at her school last week and a speaker discussed teens and their self image. The speaker quoted several studies proving that some of the biggest issues for teen girls is their appearance, how they look and they feel pressure to look "perfect".
Misty Mocha

Misty Mocha - A matte cool mocha beige. And just like that favorite latte, it’s a soft, warm and inviting color that can be worn on eyes, cheeks and lips. And just like the rest of our Any Wear Creme, Misty Mocha is waterproof, smudge-proof, oil-free, and paraben-free.

We are now Certified Cruelty Free with PETA Beauty Without Bunnies

We are now certified with PETA's "Beauty Without Bunnies" program as Cruelty-Free, and for many of our products, certified vegan. 

We have never tested on animals, but now we're certified with PETA. Yeah!