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Pressure to Look "Perfect"

There is a saying when you look good, you feel good.

Sometimes this is true and some times not.

I think it is important that we find a balance in this message for our daughters.

New! Line Smoothing Lip Gloss

I am so excited to introduce a new member to the Mommy Makeup multi-tasking family:

Line Smoothing Lip Gloss!

This multi-functional gloss is long lasting, smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and leaves your lips feeling soft, full and supple.

SSL Encryption Everywhere!

It’s time for an upgrade.

As of February 1. 2016, we are participating in a safer, more secure internet by ensuring all pages, everything on, can be accessed using SSL encryption. This is the right thing for all websites in 2016.

The Everlasting Eye with Any Wear Creme and Stay Put Gel Eyeliner

Touch ups... I truly wish I had time for them. But, I don't. I am very excited to share how to achieve the Everlasting Eye with Mommy Makeup's NEW formulation of Any Wear Creme. Combine Any Wear Creme with our Stay Put Gel Eyeliner and you have the Everlasting Eye! Watch our videos and learn how to achieve Everlasting Eyes...

Green is the New Black

Introducing our new shade of Stay Put Gel Eyeliner! HUNTER! It is a gorgeous rich hunter/forest green and it looks spectacular on any and every eye color! It REALLY does! It intensifies green eyes, brings out the gold and amber tones of brown and hazel eyes, and highlights blue eyes (SERIOUSLY!) How does it do this? Because Hunter is deep in color, it does all this with out over powering your natural eye color… In fact it actually enhances your natural eye color!

To Bronze or Not to Bronze?

As much as we may enjoy a tan look, tanning really is not good for your skin. We have all heard about the sun’s damaging rays and skin cancer warnings. Bronzer gives you a tan look without the sun damage.

How to Avoid a Meltdown
During the summer months, most of us wear less makeup. BUT we want the makeup we DO wear to last and not melt away at the first sign of a hot, sunny day... So, here are some easy, breezy step-by-step tips to avoid a summer makeup meltdown.
Bye Bye Winter Blahs, Hello Glow!
We shot the videos for our new Mineral Shimmer Powder in Angel Glow and EUREKA! I was able to say bye, bye to my winter skin blaaaaahs… Our Mineral Shimmer Powder in Angel Glow has become my savior! It is truly, right now, my go to product every day! My skin no longer looks drab and dull. It looks lit from within.
The Everlasting Eye
When it's time to figure new products and formulations for Mommy Makeup, I have to admit, the first thing that comes to mind is how can I simplify my beauty routine... I figure, if I need it, most other women do too... I always say, "Necessity is the mother of invention and it's the mother of Mommy Makeup too"! And with this in mind, I am very excited to share how to achieve the Everlasting Eye with Mommy Makeup's NEW formulation of Any Wear Creme.
Rockin' It This Halloween

Mom is a "ROCK STAR" because I FACE PAINT

It is only natural for us parents to want our kids to think we are COOL, to be their "ROCK STAR". And at Halloween time many parents think by loading up their kids bags with candy they will become that "ROCK STAR" (and maybe they will) BUT I am here to tell you that it is not candy that rocks my girls' world... They think mom is a "ROCK STAR" because I FACE PAINT. And at Halloween time THIS is THHHHHEEEE "ROCK STAR" skill to have.

Introducing Blue Angel!
You asked for it - and we heard you!

Introducing: Stay Put Gel Eyeliner in Blue Angel - A Classic Navy Blue

After many requests for our waterproof Stay Put Gel Eyeliner in a navy blue shade, here it is!
Barely Blushing Lip & Cheek Tint

Our Barely Blushing Lip & Cheek Tint had its own cult following... then the raw materials were no longer available and we were forced to phase out the product :-(

[edit: June 3, 2014] This product is sold out. Check out our new, more modern and up-to-date version of our Barely Blushing Lip & Cheek Tint: Sheer Sticks Lip Stain & Cheek Tint