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To BB or not to BB

To BB or not to BB

To BB or not to BB

BB creams (and CC creams for that matter) have been all the rage for a while now. And being that Mommy Makeup is the Best Beauty for Busy Women we have received several inquiries asking why we do not have our own BB cream. The answer is quite simple...

"I'm just not that into you"

To BB or NOT to BBI find most BB and CCs to be jack of all trades and a masters of none... There I said it. I addressed the pink elephant in the room. I really don't see why there is all this buzz about BB (and CC) creams. IMHO, here's why I feel this way... Generally BB creams claim to be a hybrid of moisturizer, foundation, concealer and sunscreen. At first glance that sounds pretty good! It sounds like a great multi-tasking product.


  • Do they REALLY moisturize. Well, sort of... not really. If your skin is really dry you are still going to need to use a richer moisturizer in addition to a BB cream.
  • Then are BB creams really foundations? Well, again... sort of. But if you want fuller coverage you will need to supplement a BB cream with a concealer or another foundation... (Sigh).
  • Well then, do BB creams make a good concealer? NO! Flat out, NO! I have tried BB cream after BB cream and I have yet to find one that conceals and feels comfortable under my eyes or really covers any pimples. OK, OK...
  • Then BB creams have good sun protection? YES! Yes they do. BUT so do moisturizers that contain sunscreen and so do foundations that contain sunscreen.

AAAAAND, you STILL have to set a BB cream with powder.

In my own experience (on myself and on my clients) I have found that unless you set a BB cream with some kind of powder it does not last. Soooooo with all that said, to me, it seems that a BB cream becomes another added product that just eats up your time (applying it) and money but doesn't have any real pay off!

So I say, don't waste your hard earned money on BB creams. How do you feel about them?

Do you vote to BB or not to BB? That is the question! I would love to hear your opinions :-) Please comment below...