Is there Teflon® in my makeup?

When folks think of Teflon®, they think of nonstick cookware… But not cosmetics!

PTFE is trademarked as Teflon®, and although it was originally developed for cookware, it has been found in some anti-aging products and cosmetics. This occured because PTFEs provides a smooth, sleek finish.

The concern is that PTFEs and other fluorinated compounds have been associated with delayed menstruation, later breast development and cancer

What is stunning is that EWG scientists recently found Teflon in 66 different products from 15 brands!

Is there Teflon® in my makeup?

All of us at Mommy Makeup, want you to know that we stand by our ingredients and assure you that:

  • Mommy Makeup products do not contain any PTFE.
  • Mommy Makeup products do not contain any derivatives of polyfluoralkyl substances (PFASs).

In other words, you will NOT find any Teflon in Mommy Makeup products!
Zip! Zero! NONE!

  • Talc-free - So they are not drying and won't scratch delicate skins
  • Paraben-free - Will not upset hormonal balances
  • Cruelty free - No animal testing and certify with PETA’s Beauty without Bunnies Program
  • Noncomodegenic - won't clog pores
  • Made in USA - To ensure the quality of our ingredients and support our nation’s economy

AND are free from any PTFE or PFASs!

We believe that people who have nothing to hide, hide nothing!
And we encourage you to read ingredient labels of all your beauty products!
We want you all to remain safe and well. Thank you!