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How Can Mineral Makeup Contain Talc?

How Can Mineral Makeup Contain Talc?

How can mineral makeup contain talc?

I did not think this was possible?

When mineral makeup came onto the market, one of it’s major features was that was talc-free.

Yes talc IS a mineral. BUT...

  • Talc can be drying to the skin.
  • Sensitive skins can (and usually do) have adverse reactions to talc.
  • Talc can “scratch” the skin.
  • And If talc is not processed properly, it may even contain some asbestos in it!

All of these issues were suppose to go away if you used mineral makeup, because mineral makeup is made without talc.

But apparently the folks at bareminerals feel differently!

Now, I sincerely do not wish to sound snarky with what I am about to say, but IMHO, bareminerals, are, as much as I hate to say this... Hypocrites. There, I put it out there.

One would think with a brand being named “bareminerals” that they would be making talc-free mineral makeup! Well… Think again, because BarePRO® Performance Wear Pressed Powder Foundation and BAREPRO® Contour Face-Shaping Powder Trio contain (you guessed it) TALC!

I’m sorry... What?

You do not need to have your eyes checked. What you just read is correct. If you look at the ingredient listing the first ingredient is TALC!

Wait. But...

The whole reason why mineral makeup became so popular was because it’s (suppose to be) TALC-FREE! And, with a brand name like “bareminerals”, it is veeeeeerrrryyy misleading to be selling powder foundation and contour powder that contains TALC! How dare they!

Shame on you bareminerals!

And then to make matters worse, just below their ingredient listing, bareminerals tries to justify the fact that they put talc is in their product! They have a blurb called, “The Truth About Talc”...

And let me tell you, what they say is far from the truth! As I wrote previously,

  • Talc can be drying to the skin
  • Sensitive skins can (and usually do) have adverse reactions to talc
  • Talc can “scratch” the skin
  • If talc is not processed properly, it may even contain some asbestos in it…

Yet bareminerals chooses not to mention THAT! Look at these screen shots from

bareminerals with talc
As a makeup artist and founder of Mommy Makeup, this infuriates me!

The bottom line is... Mineral makeup should never contain talc. If it does, then it is not truly “mineral makeup”.

So buyers beware!

ALWAYS read the ingredient listing before purchasing any product labeled “mineral” and be certain it does NOT contain talc.

I always say, “People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing”. So if the brand does not list the product's ingredients on their website, then, (IMHO) don’t buy it because you don’t know what’s in it.

OK. Rant over. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. And remember, READ the ingredient listing on YOUR makeup!

Have a Beauty-ful day,