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No More Quiz-ical Disasters! ❌

Tired of techy AI tools, bots, and quizzes telling you what's your perfect blush? It's time to put the "personal" back in "personalized makeup"! 🚫🤖

📸✨ Send us your selfie, and let's get real – because your face is as unique as your fingerprint and deserves nothing less than a tailor-made color match from a living, breathing professional makeup artist.

And as a way of saying, "Welcome to the family”, we're throwing in a $10 Mommy Makeup gift card with your free consultation. 🎉💄

Not certain of your shade?
What color is best?
We are here to help!

Get your Free, Personalized
REAL LIFE Shade Finder!

🙎‍♀️ Work with an actual human!
📝 No quizzes
❓ No questionnaires
🤖 No bots
💻 No AI
🤔 No Guessing!

📸 SEND US YOUR SELFIE or photo and a professional makeup artist will reply back with your shade suggestions AND a FREE $10 Mommy Makeup gift card!

Send us your selfie and we'll send you a $10 GIFT CARD !

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Take your selfie with a smart phone or a tablet, not a black telephone.

Step 2:

Take your Selfie!

Please make sure...

  • Take your selfie in natural daylight
  • Without makeup
  • Please remove your glasses
  • No filters
  • Please take your selfie holding your phone at face level or higher
  • Please make sure there are no shadows on your face


Send us your selfie
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WE PROMISE not to share, publish, or use your selfie unless you want us to.What are you waiting for?

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