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Rockin' It This Halloween


Mom is a "ROCK STAR" because I FACE PAINT

It is only natural for us parents to want our kids to think we are COOL, to be their "ROCK STAR". And at Halloween time many parents think by loading up their kids bags with candy they will become that "ROCK STAR" (and maybe they will) BUT I am here to tell you that it is not candy that rocks my girls' world... They think mom is a "ROCK STAR" because I FACE PAINT. And at Halloween time THIS is THHHHHEEEE "ROCK STAR" skill to have.

So if you want to be the coolest parent on the planet this Halloween, keep reading! I will now divulge my Face Painting tips and secrets!!

Being that I am a makeup artist, I am always approached by my kids school communities to do face painting this time of year for Fall Fest, School Carnival, Book Fair etc.

Making Face Painting FUN and EASY

Lioness Daisy

And just like with makeup, the right product is KEY to making Face Painting FUN and EASY!

The first time I was asked to do Face Painting was about 6 years ago. At the time, my older daughter, Daisy, was in Kindergarten. Word got out at school that there was a new K parent who was a makeup artist and I recruited to do face painting at the school's Fall Fest. I did not organize the face painting, I just showed up and went to work. The "face painting" product supplied was a heavy, greasy, very pigmented colored makeup that they sell in the drugstore for Halloween. It smeared and smudged easily. I was able to work with it but I saw many parent volunteers become frustrated with it.

The following year for Fall Fest I spearheaded Face Painting (big surprise, right?). I did some research on products because I did not want volunteers to feel frustrated and intimidated the way they had the year prior. Rather than going with a Halloween makeup type product, I discover actual PAINT for the face. It's called Snazaroo Face Paint and it is FANTASTIC! It is allergy tested, washable paint for the face that dries in 5 seconds! Since it dries quickly, you can paint color over color with out smudges and smears. There are different palettes and each contains a booklet with simple step by step instructions (just like Mommy Makeup's Pretty-N-Polished Kit and Out-The-Door Collection's do ;-) )

I always say regarding Mommy Makeup, "It's so easy, if you can read you can do your makeup and get professional results!" Well I will say the same about Snazaroo Face Paint, " If you can read, you can face paint and get professional results"!

This year, my daughters' school just had their Fall "Rock-The-Block" festival this past weekend and, of course, I spearheaded the Face Painting for it too. And Snazaroo Face paint was my go to product for it. Here is a picture of Daisy, who I painted up to be a gorgeous Lioness... Daisy's incredible mane of hair helps too ;-)

So if you want your kids to think you are the COOLEST parent and ROCK their world this Halloween, get yourself a Snazaroo Face Painting Palettes and go to town! Happy Painting and Happy Halloween!!

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