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5 Beauty Boo-Boos

5 Beauty Boo-Boos

I know we are all busy and forget sometimes... BUT here are 5 Beauty Boo-Boos to avoid:

1) Not Cleansing Your Face Before Bed

I know. Your tired and just want to flop into bed. That walk to the bathroom just to wash your face seems so annoying. You just want to go to sleep. But cleanse your face before you do! Keep some makeup wipes on your nightstand. This way if you are too exhausted to get to the sink and wash your face, at least you can wipe off your makeup before passing out.

2) Not Wearing Sunscreen

I know it can be a hassle But make sure you are protected! From the sun that is. Take the extra couple of minutes and apply your sunscreen! Or use a moisturizer or foundation that has an SPF already in it. It will them be one less place you need to apply a separate sunscreen to.

3) Using Products That Contain Talc

Talc is a 4 letter word. So, avoid it! It is drying to the skin and can settle into fine lines and pores making them appear more obvious. Mineral Dual Powder is Talc-free, so it is not drying and great for sensitive skins. It's also oil-free and paraben-free. It has a soft focus finish too, so it won't settle into your skin. If anything the soft focus finish makes skin appear smoother.

4) Using Old Mascara

This is a big no-no! Bacteria builds up in the mascara tube and after 3-6 months there is enough germy stuff in there that may cause an eye infection. Therefore, Every 3-6 months ditch your mascara and start using a fresh tube.

5) Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes

Remnants of pigments and powder build up in your makeup brushes and these can lead to a big germ fest which may them lead to your face breaking out. Sooooo, it prevent this from happening it is best to wash your own makeup brushes once a week. If that is too often for your lifestyle or you do not use your makeup brushes daily, then once every 2 weeks or 2 times a month. But that is the minimum. Use baby shampoo or anti-bacterial hand soap and running water. And be certain to dry your brushes flat (horizontal) on a towel.

What are YOUR Beauty Boo-Boos?

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