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“ Everything we do at Mommy Makeup, we believe, will save you time and money yet still make you feel and look your best! ”
-- Debra Rubin-Roberts, Founder

There’s a saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention". Well... it is also the mother of Mommy Makeup!

After being professional makeup artist for over 15 + years, I had the privilege to work for and with some of the best brands and talent in the beauty industry... I LOVED discovering new products and figuring out creative, modern, and pretty looks!

THEN I gave birth to my first daughter… And between feedings, and pumpings and diaper changes and doctor appointments and so on and so on, I found that I barely had time to brush my teeth let alone put I my makeup! About 2 weeks after her birth, my little love ended up taking an extra long afternoon nap. I finally had a few moments to put some makeup on. I lined up all the makeup that I usually wore daily and after I did there were 15 products in front of me - each with its own brush!! O.M.G! I knew right then and there that I was not going to be able to do all this daily ever again. I like how it all looked but I knew I no longer had the time. BUT I wanted to LOOK like I did. So...

I figured if I needed something fast and easy that gave makeup artist quality results, surely other women did too! And THIS is what inspired me to create Mommy Makeup.